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Glass Scratch Removal

Glass Renew Certified TechnicianGlass scratch removal has been available for about 30 years by using a wet grinding system. Water is fed through the abrasive pads, that grind the glass, in order to keep the glass cool. The problem with this method is that the water will lift part of the pad off of the glass thus creating distortion. The finished product will make the glass look like a fun house mirror.

The method we use at All County Window Cleaning, uses a dry process which enables the pad to stay on the glass. It enables the repairs to be done in a shorter amount of time and for a fraction of the cost of replacement. You can have the glass repaired for 30-50% of replacement cost. On some surfaces in the home it may be cheaper to replace the glass. On some windows the pane of glass can be replaced for about the same amount that a scratch can be removed. On the other hand, scratches on a sliding glass door, that are usually caused by a dog or cat wanting to get in, can be repaired at less than half the cost of replacement. We also can remove the hard water stains on windows and shower doors. The minerals in water can be damaging to most surfaces. Keep your surfaces looking new.

We also can remove Acid-etch graffiti from glass surfaces. The method that we use can be used on all glass surfaces, such as Tempered, Annealed, Laminated, insulated glass units plus mirrors and automobile glass.

Scratched Window Before and After

Scratched Window Before and After

Car Scratched Window Before and After