What’s included:

  • Removal/Replacement of Furniture
  • Removal/Replacement of screens and grills
  • Storm and screen cleaning (when Present)
  • Wiping down of sills and Sashes

Not included:

  • Paint scrapping & air conditioner removal/replacement
  • Glass restoration (additional cost)
  • Screen restoration (additional cost)

For the safety and well being of your belongings we ask that you remove all small items such as sun catchers and knick knacks from the window areas and any draperies that might be in the way.

How do I get a price quote?
If you need a window cleaning quote in most cases you need not be home, we will go to your location and count windows and inspect them, then we will call you with the estimate. If you are requesting a blind cleaning, blind repair or a blind sales quote then we do need you at your home or business. We do need to measure each blind to give you a quote.

What is your cancellation Policy?
We hope that you contact us as soon as possible in case of a cancellation. However, we do not charge for cancellations as they are typically accidents or event that cannot be controlled.

Are Your Cleaning Solutions Toxic?
No, all the chemicals we use for window washing and blind cleaning are biodegradable, completely safe for children, pets, plants and for use in your home. It leaves glass Sparkling clean and your blinds like new.

Are You Insured?
YES! We are completely insured and you are protected by our $1,000,000.00 general liability policy and we do provide certificates of insurance upon request

What is Ultrasonics?
In our cleaning tanks we use ultrasonic transducers that create sound waves, these sound waves create millions of microscopic bubbles that implode, creating a vacuum, which impregnates the dirt and lifts it off the blind. What makes this process so effective is that these microscopic bubbles get into every little crevice of a blind lifting the dirt in a gentle and non-abrasive cleaning action. At your convenience we can set up a FREE DEMONSTRATION which only takes about five minutes of your time.

Will my blinds still be wet?
In most cases, no. There are times that your blinds will be damp to the touch, but will dry in about 15 minutes. You will never find any water drips on your sills or floor.

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