Day of Appointment

Window Cleaning:

We always send at least two technicians for window cleaning jobs.   At least one of the technicians will be qualified in our company as a Supervisor.  After arriving to your property and introducing themselves to you, the supervisor will do an initial walk-around to verify the exact window count and verify with you which windows you’d like cleaned.  The supervisor will notify you before starting work if there are any changes to the price before starting the work.  Depending on the house and type of windows, one technician may be inside while one technician is outside at the same time.  When cleaning inside and outside of the windows, we always include basic screen cleaning and sill wipe-down, as part of the standard service.  Detailed sill cleaning is available at an additional charge.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible prior to the scheduled service.  We clean windows, rain or shine, and only need to reschedule during extreme weather or if the safety of our technicians is in question.


Gutter Cleaning:

You do not need to be home for a gutter cleaning service, but we do need to have a working water source to rinse your downspouts.  Most of the time, there will be at least two technicians when performing a gutter cleaning service at your home.  Our technicians will remove all debris by hand from ladders, place it into buckets, and dispose of it off-site.  They will then dump water down your downspouts to clear or confirm that there are no clogged downspouts.  We do not use leaf blowers and blow leaves all over your beautiful property.  We do not dump debris on your property unless you give the technicians permission to dump it in a specific location.


House WashPower Washing/Soft Washing:

For your power washing/soft washing services, you don’t usually need to be home for the service.  But please make sure your doors and windows are closed.  If you have any window air conditioners, we recommend you remove them from the windows prior to our arrival.  If you cannot remove them, we will carefully clean around them, but may not be able to get everything in that area clean.  We need to assume your home is watertight.  We also need at least one exterior water source to be turned on for the service.

Standard house washing includes the siding, gutters, fascias, etc.  The standard house wash service is for the removal of organic growth only, which can include algae, lichen, moss, mildew, etc.  It does not include cleaning of oxidation, rust stains, paint/stain, or other inorganic stains.  We do often clean these types of stains, but are priced on a case by case basis on site, and would need to know ahead of the service.

Often there are tiny black specs called “shotgun fungus” or “artillery fungus” that sticks itself to your siding.  This is a fungus that grows primarily in mulch and shoots spores into the air.  These do not come off with house washing.  The best way to remove them is by removing the mulch from around your home.  Eventually, the spores will dry out and come off by themselves.  Often power washing can speed this process up, but not totally remove them.

If you would like any other surfaces cleaned while we are on-site or are concerned about a particular stain, we would be happy to give you an estimate when we are there.  We also clean decks, walkways, patios, etc.


Roof Wash

Roof Treatment:  For your Roof Cleaning/Roof Treatment service, you don’t usually need to be home for the service.  But like a power washing service, please make sure your doors and windows are closed, and an exterior water source is on.

On the day of your roof treatment service, we send two highly trained technicians to your home.  One technician will be on a ladder gently spraying the chemical onto your roof, while a second technician rinses the plants, house, and other objects on the ground with a garden hose.

The chemicals we use, kill the organisms (algae, lichen, moss) living on your roof very quickly.  These pests will turn bright white within minutes, which means they are dead.  Later the pests will turn brown, but may not immediately come off of your roof.  We tell customers that it can take up to 9 months for the pests to come completely off the roof.  The algae (black streaks) should be gone within a day though.  We allow the natural sun and rain cycles to remove the lichen and moss without the risk of damaging your roof or removing the shingle grit.

We do not use high pressure, nor do we brush to remove them, as this can remove granules from the shingles.  Removing granules from the shingles will shorten the life of the roof.  Our process is the only approved method to clean asphalt roofs by the Asphalt Shingles Manufacturer’s Association.  Any other method may damage and/or shorten the life of the shingles.

We guarantee full roof treatments for 3 years, so if you see anything starting to come back in that time frame, please call us and we will re-treat it for free.