Glass & Shower Door Cleaning

Glass shower doors, while adding beauty to your bathroom, can become a huge headache when trying to keep them clean, clear, and free of water spots and soap buildup. Water damage (caused by minerals in our water) can occur on new glass within months of installation. If hard water is left too long, the glass can become etched, permanently damaging the glass.

Shower Door Clean Shower Door
Dirty Window Clean Window
Dirty Shower Door Clean Shower Door

People tend to use all types of over-the-counter cleaners that, in most cases, do not get the job done and, in some instances, will damage the glass.

People also use razor blades, abrasive sponges, brillo pads, etc., which also will cause scratches. Our technicians used specialized industry chemicals, tools, and techniques to remove the hard water.

When lawn sprinklers continue to hit your windows day after day, the same principle applies. You get what looks like permanent water spots on the glass, which will not come off with regular cleaning. This will only get worse if the sprinkler heads are not adjusted. And can permanently damage your glass surface.

We can remove hard water stains from your shower doors and other glass. We can often make your glass surface look and feel new again.

If you are selling your home, a shower door restoration has become almost a necessity.  You cannot afford to show your listing without first having your shower doors restored.

Can you live with that cloudy, water-stained shower door?

*Disclaimer: Shower door restoration assumes only the inside glass, exterior glass will be cleaned the traditional way. Shower door restoration does not include the frame, tile grout or fixtures. We are not responsible for shower doors/windows etc that are permanently etched or damaged. Results may vary and a test spot is always done, before a full restoration/cleaning.

Service Areas include Warwick, NY Monroe, NY Sparta, NJ Orange County NY and Northern, NJ