Rain Guarantee

If the day after your cleaning, you notice any drops or marks, just give us a call, and we will be happy to return for a touch-up free of charge!

Rain Guarantee Window CleaningWhat if rain is predicted for the day of my service?
It is our policy to complete a scheduled job if it is raining. In the event of precipitation, we will continue as scheduled because rain does not affect the cleaning. If our crew arrives and the weather puts the safety of our crew at stake, then we can usually do the inside of the windows at least.  Once the crew finishes the inside, and if the weather is still too bad to clean the outside safely, we will reschedule the exterior part of the cleaning. This makes rescheduling easier for you as well as us, since at least half of the job is complete.  Often you may not need to be home for the exterior part of the service as well.

Doesn’t rain make my windows dirty?
Dirt makes your windows dirty, not rain. Rainwater is inherently very clean. The dirt on your house, the dust from landscapers, tree pollen, vehicle exhaust, and many other sources settle on your windows. Raindrops move the dirt around your windows, and after the rain dries, the dirt remains on the glass. This residue is now visible because it’s been spread over the window. Clean windows remain clean after the rain because once the water dries, there is nothing left behind to obscure your view.

Can windows be cleaned in the winter?
Yes! Window cleaning is even more important during the winter season. Windows still get dirty in the winter season, and letting the most amount of sunlight in, is arguably more important during the winter months.  Road salt turns into an air-borne powder from the vehicles driving over it. This dust settles on your windows like any other type of dust. We follow proper safety guidelines to ensure your winter service will be completed safely and to your complete satisfaction.