Fall Gutter Cleaning is Your Homes Best Defense

Fall Gutter Cleaning is Your Homes Best Defense

Why Gutter Cleaning in Fall Is So Important

Gutter CleaningRain gutters are one of the most underrated defense mechanisms your house has to protect itself from erosion and other problems. However, they cannot work to full capacity if they’re clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris. Below, are a few reasons why gutter cleaning should be an essential part of your fall home maintenance schedule.

3 Common Issues Gutter Cleaning Prevents

1. Flooding
Fall leaves easily clog rain gutters and downspouts. When this happens and a storm strikes, the water does not channel away from the house as it should. Rather, it sloshes over the sides of the structure and pools at the base of your home. It floods your flowers and shrubs, washes away mulch, and soaks around the foundation, seeping into cracks in the concrete and entering the basement. Here, it can cause water damage and lead to algae and mold growth.

2. Foundation Damage
Once the pooling water infiltrates the foundation, the moisture within the concrete freezes as the temperatures drop. When water freezes, it expands, causing cracks in the foundation. The moisture problem will then worsen exponentially, as the new fissures permit more water to penetrate. By cleaning the structure, you allow the gutters to direct water away from the house and prevent these problems.

3. Ice Dams
Ice dams occur when melting snow has no way to escape the roof. As it falls and collects in the gutter, it begins clogging and freezing. If left unaddressed, icicles form. The ice dam then prevents freshly melted snow to wash off the roof. Instead, it builds on the structure, seeps under the shingles, and rots the wooden roof deck and its support. Clearing the gutters offers the melting snow an escape route and prevents damage.

Maintaining your roof minimizes flooding and protects your landscaping. For professional assistance, contact All County Window Cleaning in Vernon Township, NJ.

They’ve been serving residents in and around Orange County for more than a decade and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services. In addition to gutter cleaning, they also specialize in pressure washing and roof treatments. Submit a contact form or call (973) 827-8311 to schedule service.

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