Hard Water Stains Disappears with Residential Window Cleaning

Hard Water Stains Disappears with Residential Window Cleaning

How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Hard Water Stain RemovalIf you have hard water stains, the windows in your home or office may develop spots or cloud up after cleaning. This is due to mineral deposits left behind by the evaporating water. While the issue may seem small at first, it can cause permanent window damage, which you can prevent by being proactive about your residential window cleaning.

What Is Hard Water?

As water flows over and through the ground, it may pick up minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are not removed during the water treatment process and remain in the water when it’s delivered to your home. Many people prefer the taste of hard water, but the drawback is that it leaves mineral deposits behind on surfaces when it dries and creates hard water stains.

What Does Hard Water Look Like on Your Windows?

If your windows were washed with hard water or sprayed by a sprinkler or hose, you will most likely notice white spots on the glass. If they aren’t cleaned off and if the window gets wet again, additional spots will form and cover the glass, making it look foggy. The longer you wait to clean away the mineral deposits, the more difficult it will be to remove them. If you wait too long before performing residential window cleaning, the minerals can etch the glass, causing permanent damage.

How to Prevent Permanent Hard Water Stain Damage

After your window gets wet, use a squeegee to remove as much of the water from the glass as you can to prevent mineral deposits from forming. If there are hard water spots on your glass, you may be able to remove them by following up your usual glass cleaning with toothpaste and a little water. You can also soak the area in vinegar or in ammonia or rubbing alcohol solution; all of which will help break up the deposits.

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